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to take place. it's unfortunately a too many consumer process and we do apologize for the inconvenience but it's something that we need to do. >> reporter: and for a hort time today, the chp thought there might actually be a second suspect vehicle. but investigators say they tracked down the driver and determined she was not involved. there's also another piece of potential piece of evidence in this case. we're putting together more of that for tonight at 6:00. now we go to john mere medical center where that chp officer was taken: john sasaki has been there all day and he's here now with new information that we just received in the past 30 minutes on the officer and his family. john. >> frank as you can see most of the police and chp cars that have been here at john mere most of the day are now gone. the officers haven't gone back to work after standing vigil for their injured brother. the firefighters living in
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benecia and has a wife and kids and has a large extended family. an ambulance rushed to the hospital carrying the officer and fellow officers have been coming here ever since. >> as you can imagine, it's a difficult situation for us. and so we reach to each other. and again we accept the concerns and the outcry from the public and the support that we get being in your communities. >> outside the hospital, chp said nothing about the investigation and little about the officer other than he lives in the bay area and was at least earlier in critical condition. during a 2:00 p.m. news conference closer to the scene. investigators talked about their comrade who is a father of several children. >> we feel that strongly because we're an extended family so we feel that deeply and our thoughts and our prayers are with the officer and with his family obviously. as we stood outside john
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mere waiting for any developments, numerous people walking by expressed concern about the officer. >> these people are trying to protect us and over a traffic stop it's very outrageous. >> i'm going to be praying for him. i'm praying that his life will be safe. >> reporter: the officers family is here at the hospital and they and his fellow officers are waiting, hoping and praying. live in walnut creek, i'm john sasaki, ktvu news. the shooting and the investigation as we mentioned shut down interstate 680s for more than seven hours. we have new video now from interstate 680s in laverna road. taken 45 minutes ago when the we are kaeudz were pulled off the roads and all of the orange cones were removed opening two southbound lanes of the freeway for the first time since 8:30 this morning. all of the northbound lanes reopened around 1:00 this afternoon. what you are looking at are live pictures of live chopper 2. the traffic is moving well
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in the northbound direction but there is still an absolute massive traffic jam in the southbound lanes because only two of the five lanes are open. again here's another picture, this was taken earlier this morning. you can kind of compare the two scenes here. this is what it looked like when we were on the air during mornings on 2. you can see there traffic at a standstill and it cometted to look like that for hours. as we showed you a moment ago it still looks like that in the southbound lanes -- stands still and it continued to look like that for hours. this is the second shooting here in the bay area in recent months. the first happened in oak lands. the chp officer was chasing someone in a van when another car started ramming the patrol car. then someone opened fire, shattered the back window of that chp car. the officer was not hurt. three people were arrested for
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the attempted murder of a peace officer. police are still searching for a fourth suspect described as a 16-year-old boy. vallejo police are trying to head off a backlash over the latest police shooting with the release of two photos. on the left here you're going to see a photo it's of the pellet gun police say 23-year- old mario romero was holding when officers opened fire on sunday. the picture right on the left showed an authentic baretta firearm. there are many questions surrounding the police shooting and a string of others since may. ktvu channel 2 news reporter heather holmes will sit down with the vallejo police chief for some answers. later this evening, first lady michelle oe -- oe -- obama will be the main speaker during the democratic national convention. they're also expecting the appearance of a rising star in
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the democratic convention. evening ken. >> to justify calling camela harris a rising star, all you have to do is look at her schedule. she is just one of a few speakers who has a coveted prime time speaking spot. shortly after the democratic national convention got under way -- >> on behalf of the great state of california, i thank you for the privilege to be here. >> reporter: california's attorney general camilla harris took to the stage. our state's delegates see her future as bright. >> yeah, i think she could be governor. >> reporter: she spoke today a minor address and is expected to deliver her main speech in prime time tomorrow night. >> i am very humble and proud and honored to have been asked to speak at the convention. >> reporter: harris spoke before the california delegation this morning per perhaps a preview of her convention speech.
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>> we have the fact that under this administration we saveed the auto industry of the united states. gm is thriving. >> reporter: she will make her argument against governor mitt romney. >> trickles down. you know we tried that. that doesn't work. that approach does not work and will not work for california. >> reporter: harris says she will address the foreclosure crisis. >> hope flip you will hear more about me just because i plan to continue my work as attorney general of california. >> reporter: the headliner tonight of course is the first lady. also on this first day of the convention the party has adopted a new platform concerning gay marriage. more on that and the message that they're trying to get across. ktvu's coverage of the democratic national convention will continue through thursday during all of our newscasts. president obama is scheduled to
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address the delegates on thursday night and we will carry his speech live. republican vice president candidate paul ryan once again compared president obama to former president jimmy carter. >> remember ronald reagan talking about jimmy carter. are you better off now than you were four years ago? >> no. >> you know what we knew it then, we know it now they fired carter and they hired reagan and we're doing -- we're going to do the same thing now. he told the crowd, quote when it comes to jobs, president obama makes the carter years like the good old days. mitt romney raised at least $100 million in august. that's the third consecutive month he's raised that much
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money. spending by both campaigning, the two political parties is projust -- projected to hit $2 billion. investigators say they caught a break in the killing of escalon. he was killed june 12th inside his apartment. he was found gagged and his apartment had been burglarized. the suspect is 45-year-old james riclis of san francisco. he allegedly met escalon in a bar days before his death. riclis was found on saturday. >> the stolen property was found in his possession. we were able to develop strong evidence that links the suspect to this homicide. >> reporter: rifclifs is being held on murder, burglary and a probation violation. >> reporter: alameda county sheriff deputys are piecing the facts today about a fatal
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shooting that happened last night. it happened right on some apartments in an unincorporated area. one person that live there is says her 20-year-old son was standing with two friends when one of those friends was shot in the face and killed. she heard that the gunman was a drive by shooter but investigators now say that part of the story appears to be made up. they think the shooter was also standing right there and knew the victim. no word yet on who the gunman might be. children returned to class today at a san francisco grade school one week after it was flooded. their unscheduled vacationbegan n june 8. that created a sink hole and flooded the school and other near by building. tests also confirm the school was free of mold and mildew. >> we are a healthy germ free school at this point.
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we're happy to be back on a sunny beautiful day. so god must want us back here. >> the convent is still in ruins and the gymnasium will be closed for a few more months. demolition started today at the original st. anthony's. st.anthonys served 38 million meals to low income residents since it opened back in 1950. during construction meals are still being served right around the corner at st. anthony headquarters. the new foundation is expected to reopen on september 2019 and is expected to provide 12% more seating. today apple delivered media invites for an event on september 12th. they are typical cryptic with the word 12 with the words you're almost here. and below the 12 you can make
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out a shadow that makes out a five. it's believed that apple will introduce the new iphone five. the hantavirus warning has spread to britain. the warnings have been sent out to those who stayed in the cabins. six recent cases are linked to the park and five of those to the cabins in particular. hantavirus is spread by mice and is fatal for about 1/3 of the people who get it. the recession has brought lay aways back into the forfront. but now intense competition has made it difficult. there's fog but also tropical moisture headed our way. we can see showers. we'll tell you when that could
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occur and the problems it could cause. and continuing coverage on the massive traffic back up and also the condition of that chp officer who was shot this morning and is now on life support. lots of prepaid cards
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get chase liquid. more live pictures here from news chopper 2 of a massive back up because of a shooting early this morning on interstate 680 in alamo. right now two out of six southbound lanes have been open. you see the result a back up that stretches all the way into walnut creek. it is a massive back up. also an update on the officer who was shot. he is currently on life support. we've also learned that he lives in benetia and that he has four children. we will continue to update you on his condition and the traffic during the course of this newscast. a new can kind of holiday shopping season retail war has broken out months before the season even begins. tom vacar has the low down on lay aways now and also the new
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twist that some major companies are adding. >> reporter: a few years ago retailers such as toys r' us went back generations to reaccomplish holiday lay aways, you know making the payments before you get the goods. >> lay away started after the recession again after many years of not being around because some people lost their credit cards. >> reporter: but says yaro, lay away fees proved to be very expensive. >> because you're going to end up for most items paying the same or a little bit more in service fees than you would on a charge card. >> reporter: starting today, toys r' us and babies are us, they came up with a new idea. customers will be able to put lay away items for no charge at all. in some cases a $5 charge. >> we're giving the guests the ability of using those terms without paying a fee up front. >> with the recession and the economy the way that it is right now, it's a good idea.
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>> when they, you know, forgive some fees people will come back and purchase and buy more. but i mean in my case, i usually pay cash for everything up front. >> reporter: this year with their own often relaxed lay away terms, big box retailers already include toys r' us, babies are us, sears, k mart, best buy and wal-mart. add to that hallmark, marshall's, tj max as well as many jewelers and antique shops. >> it's a way of not incurring debt on items you need. >> reporter: always check retailers for their terms and needs. tom vacar, ktvu news. august was a banner sales month for chrysler and ford. general motors sales rose 10%. the company credits it's
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television ads during the olympics and the chevy money back guarantee program. we're mixed on wall street. nasdaq rising about eight. a company on the peninsula plans to lay off 133 employees. that's about 1/3 of the workers in codexis. the company makes fuel and items related to pharmaceuticals. the company just added a research agreement with shell oil company. that deal paid the salaries of the people who will lose their jobs on october 30th. the fbi is refuting a claim by hackers that an agent had millions of the identification numbers for apple devices on his laptop. a group called anticec says it hacked into the fbi's computer and found a device with 12 million apple devices. the group says it took the file and posted 1 million of the numbers on the internet to get
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people's attention. in a statement this afternoon, the fbi said there is no evidence that an agent's computer was compromised or that he had collected this data. in about six hours from now, an area of santa clara countly will begin mosquito spraying to control the problem. this is the second time this year crews are fogging there in santa clara county. the first time was a mile south of the new treatment area. since then more infected mosquitoes have turned up in mountain view. vector control officials say that fogging causes no danger to people or pets. >> we're putting out such low volumes of these materials that they aren't toxic to anything bigger than a mosquito. >> reporter: no human cases have been reported this year in santa clara count tip. let's talk about the weather. a beautiful day. over to chief meteorologist bill martin.
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you're talking more fog. >> a little more fog and cooler in some places. temperatures are dipping down a little bit. some areas about the same as to what we saw yesterday. fog is definitely in the program out there. let's take a peak outside and we will show you what we have for cloud cover. this is looking from emeryville and not supposed to be. we're looking at the marin head lands out there. it is covering fog. you notice the rain layer is a little bit deeper. it's deeper, cooler for most of us. look take a look at how it looks on storm tracker 2. here's how it looks when you look from satellite. picks up the fog really nicely. you're wearing puffies out in the neighborhood. it is cold, chilly. those winds are kicking up and you have the winds kicking up through the san bruno gap. it's a sure sign fog will revisit many bay areas. here's what i'm tracking. i talked about it last night.
5:20 pm
it's tropical moisture. watch this blossom up into showers and thunderstorms. that moisture works its way north starting tomorrow. as we go into tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening and into thursday, there's a chance for a shower and even a thundershower. it's an outside chance i have to tell you the models aren't real bullish on this. this is the scenario if it occurs that could cause us real problems right with fire danger. any kind of lightning or dry lightning would be a major, major issue. so this is what we're tracking. we're going to look at the model. this is the cloud cover. i think there'll be a little more fog filling in at the beach. the model says patchy fog and that makes sense but i think it'll be a little bit more. here comes tropical moisture. here are the clouds coming in overhead. forecast highs tomorrow, you still have your 90s but you have to go east south toward davis and sacramento. these are all 80s in napa,
5:21 pm
concord, livermore. i think we will see some upper 80s. temperatures tomorrow not that dissimilar to what we saw today. back here 5:45 and i'll run the computer model through all the way and you can kind of time out what's going to happen and get an idea on what's going to happen tuesday and thursday. i'll see you back here. taking a hit, the move by amazon today that could threaten netflix and how investors reacted on wall street. and how parking officials now have the authority to do to anyone using a disabled plaquered. and more live pictures of interstate 680 in alamo. good news, two more lanes of 680 in the southbound direction have now reopened but there's still a massive traffic jam. hopefully that will be dissipating in the coming minutes. new at 6:00, an emotional day for friends of a south bay firefighter who suffered a heart attack at the scene of a church fire. the dramatic change they had been waiting for. >> walked out of the room and i
5:22 pm
told the nurse, yeah he's back. >> also. >> some taxi companies are seeing red over pink mustaches. >> and a shooting that killed one and injured a police officer. live updates. rú [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso.
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netflix stock fell today after one of its formerly exclusive partners struck a deal with rival amazon. los gatos shares were down after amazon inked a licensing deal. epic own it is digital rights to many movies. the deal will add 2,000 movie titles to amazon's prime screening service. if you have items sitting in your amazon shopping cart you may consider moving them
5:25 pm
into the shopping cart. that's because amazon will begin collecting sales tax on purchases made in california. $316million is projected to be collected in the first full year. about half is expected to come from merchandise sold by amazon. berkeley police today launched a crack down on people who illegally use handicap plaquers. police and parking officials both will be outlooking for violators. they could face fines of up to $1,000. >> if a parking official happens to see someone putting their plaquered up, they have the authority to ask people for their identification and registration for the plaquered. >> reporter: the state assembly recently amended hraáus. a judge is throwing out a
5:26 pm
union contract of american airlines pilots as part of the country's restructuring. the ruling cuts cost and helps emerge from bankruptcy. the airline can now unilat era ly will continue to work out a long term deal with the union. american is trying to save more than $1 billion a year in labor costs. a traffic nightmare most of the day on and around 680. we'll have the latest on what's open and what's not. it's been two years since the pipeline explosion in san bruno. we'll show you what changed in the neighborhood and with the gas company.
5:27 pm
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we want to go back out live
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now to news chopper 2 in contra costa county to update our top story. i want to show you a live picture here on interstate 680 in alamo. there's 680 right there. this is where a highway patrol officer was shot and critically injured this morning and you can see here there's still a huge back up at the scene of this shooting. however we can now tell you that four out of the 10 lanes in the southbound direction are open so that should be making a difference for all of those drivers stuck in a massive back up. all of this started around 8:30 this morning when two highway patrol cars pulled over a driver. a sheriff department spokesperson says the driver shot one officer, a second highway patrol officer then shot the suspect who died at the hospital. the officer is currently on life support and we learned he lives in benetia and has four
5:30 pm
children. now back to the situation in alamo. cara liu is live and tell us what's open and what's not and what the situation is like right now. >> reporter: two lanes of southbound 680 were opened quarter to 4:00. two additional lanes were open. that includes two car lanes. a short moment ago the onramp was a standstill. it was moving at a crawl. the opening of those two additional lanes have helped tremendously. 680 was more parking lot than freeway. the back up went for miles, the traffic nightmare rafted hours. >> we've been sitting in the freeway for like 2-1/2 hours. >> reporter: this pair had a 12 hour drive to portland when they left the south bay at 8:00 a.m. >> now it's going to take us probably we'll be home by 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning. it's going to be a long drive. it's frustrating but what can you do? >> reporter: john torrez sat
5:31 pm
for more than three hours of traffic for a commute that should have taken 30 minutes. >> it's terrible, i'm hungry, overweight. what can i say? almost out of gas. i quit. >> reporter: he was one of thousands who ditched the freeway for side roads. only to find danville boulevard moving at a crawl. >> right away i went to the surface road. they were all jam packed. so i went to the side road of the side road, around alamo and part of walnut creek. it took me more than an hour on what would normally take me 10 minutes. >> reporter: amidst the frustration, well wishes for the injured police officer. >> that's a dangerous job. that's unfortunate. i'm sorry to hear that. >> they were just trying to protect us. >> reporter: officials tell us if you do not have to drive in or through this area, either on 680 or the side road it's best to stay clear until at least
5:32 pm
8:00 tonight. we're live from the 680, cara liu. so again here's what we know at this hour. a chp officer is on life support and a suspect who shot him is dead. we will have a live update on the investigation and the officer coming up on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. also we're keeping an eye continuing to keep an eye on the traffic situation there on 680 and we'll have another update in about 15 minutes. three members of a san jose family remain in the hospital after the water craft they were ride collided. the 4-year-old son and mother who were riding together were taken to the hospital with head and leg injuries. the 9-year-old daughter who was riding with their father was flown to the hospital for serious injuries to her leg and possibly a severed toe. the injuries are not considered life threatening, the father was not hurt. firefighters continue to battle wildfire that is raging in the san angeles area. it's burning in rugged terrain
5:33 pm
and through thick rush. according to the department of forestry, the fires have burned through 600 acres. the fire is 15% contained. facebook founder mark zuckerberg may be trying to reinsure investors with the promise not to sell his shares. shares fell to a new low to less than $18 a share. but a filing shows that zuckerberg doesn't plan to sell any of his shares for 12 months. the company is struggling to show that their advertising is making business. the company is also hoping for a revenue up tick next year. it's been almost two years now since the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion. ktvu's ann rubin with the progress that's been made and the problems that remain. >> so far 13 homes have been repaired, eight have been completely rebuilt and everyone more are still under
5:34 pm
construction. all this just serves as a constant reminder of what happened. the decision to rebuild here wasn't easy for the magulahans. >> it's kind of like picking on a wound to some extent. the nightmare comes back for the kids and for my wife. >> reporter: a pg & e pipeline exploded sending flames shooting into the air. eight people were killed, 50 more injured and muff -- much of the san bruno neighborhood was destroyed. >> what happened here is totally wrong. this is years and years and years of negligence, profit taking, giving it to shareholders instead of putting it into the infrastructure and it's a real shape. >> reporter: pg & e must be held accountable. >> their priority is profits. we need to shift that so that their priority is safety. >> reporter: a pg & e spokesperson says they're working every day to make the
5:35 pm
system safer for customers they say they've made $8.5 million worth of improvement and have introduced a plan through 2014. how much the company will pay in fines have yet to be determined. >> i need everybody to remember what happened here so it doesn't happen again. >> reporter: and residents say that's the bottom line they can rebuild but they'll never get back what they're lost. >> it's difficult on the kids, it's difficult on us in so many ways you wouldn't wish this on your worse enemy. >> reporter: there will be an official remembrance event this sunday evening from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. at san bruno city park. ann rubin. we have breaking news here a fire burning in northern california, actually about three fires all burning in the same area. this map shows you where calfire says those fires are all burning.
5:36 pm
at this point calfire says about 280 acres have burned no structures have been destroyed. what you're seeing here is a live helicopter picture of the scene east of clear lake. you see an awful lot of smoke and breaking through that picture, you do see a lot of orange flame actively burning as well. now we're talking about an area east of clear lake that was the scene of fires about two weeks ago. you will remember here on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 right in the middle of august we were covering very heavily the walker fire. we have another series of three fires burning in that area just east of clear lake. it is about, i want to say about 175 miles or so north of the heart of the bay area but again it is here in northern california. we're keeping an eye on the situation there. at this point no structures have been destroyed but the fire is at about 200 acres and growing. we'll let you know if anything changes significantly with this story. it was a record breaking performance. tiger woods didn't actually win
5:37 pm
the last golf tournament he played in but everyone so he did something that no other golfer has done before. we're getting our first official damage estimate from hurricane isaac. the amount of homes affected by the storms. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso.
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i just finished a bowl of your new light chicken pot pie soup and it's so rich and creamy... is it really 100 calories? yes, ma'am. 100 calories. yea...i'm gonna need some proof. we get that a lot... let me put you on webcan... see? hearty vegetables... lean roasted chicken... and a creamy broth that tastes indulgent -- but isn't... so feel free to enjoy a bowl anytime. mmm i can still see you. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. the first damage estimates from hurricane isaac were released today and officials say at least 13,000 homes in louisiana were damaged by that
5:40 pm
category one storm that struck one week ago. residents in the hardest hit areas are now getting extra help after being declared federal disaster areas. now the job is to get information for the residents so that they'll be helped as soon as the response officers open. a man was arrested after assaulting a woman and taking his daughter. the woman reported that the man slammed her head into the steering wheel of a vehicle then walked away with their daughter. they arrested julius johnson on child endangerment and other charges. the woman was treated for a head eninjury, the daughter was not hurt. tiger woods did not win his last tournament but has become golf's $20 million man. he finished the doucht
5:41 pm
championship winning $425,000 and that put him over the $100 million mark for his career. that does not include his endorsement career. next on the list is phil mickelson who is about $30 million behind tiger woods. a watchful eye while you are away, the growing trend in the bay area being embraced by homeowners to stop a surge in a certain type of crime. back here in just a couple of minutes, tracking some tropical moisture headed our way. could cause some thundershowers in the area. we'll also give you a current update on those fires burning east of clear lake. an emotional day for friends of a firefighters who suffered a heart attack at the scene of a church fire. the dramatic change they had been waiting for. >> i walked out of the room and i told the nurse, yeah he's back. some taxi companies are seeing red over pink mustaches, what this could mean for the future of mass transit. >> and the latest on a shooting
5:42 pm
that seriously injured a chp officer. a live update tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. lots of prepaid cards come pre-filled with problems. enough is enough. introducing the chase liquid reloadable card. with chase liquid, there's no waiting and no fee to activate you can load cash and checks at any chase depositfriendly atm and there are no withdrawal fees at over 17,500 chase atms all for one flat fee of $4.95 per month.
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we continue to watch a changing situation here. this is what's happening in the east bay along interstate 680. news chopper 2 over a scene we've been showing you throughout the day over a shooting that happened at about 8:20 this morning that forced the closure of 680 in both directions. four of the five lanes there are now open. as we focus in on the scene of the shooting that's where the stopped vehicles are and tent. traffic the still slow going on southbound 680 where the shooting happened. northbound closer to the bottom left hand corner of the screen opened up at about 10:00 this afternoon and is moving much better. surface streets in the area are still pretty impacted so if you have a choice to avoid the area that may be your best bet. this traffic is the result of an early morning traffic stop that changed into a shoot out leaving one suspect dead and chp officer gravely injured. we have a number of reporters
5:45 pm
on the scene we will get more information from them coming up on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. anxiety over criminals breaking into your home are going up in some bay area neighborhoods and as a result some companies are using the information as a business opportunity. and it appears that few people are complaining. in fact, as heather holmes shows us in this special report it seems everyone but the criminals are applauding. >> hi jenny. >> reporter: don johnson is exactly the kind of neighbor just about everybody wants. the retired homeland security official stays at home most of the day keeping a vigilant eye on his neighbors home. johnson also encourages neighbors to get one of these, a surveillance camera. >> i have seen more than three instances of somebody, a yard worker or something like that coming up to the door seeing the camera and go -- >> reporter: johnson like many people living in the oakland
5:46 pm
hills is worried about spikes in residential burglaries. the anxiety has not gone unnoticed inside this bay area company. >> about a year and a half ago we were approached by a community group that had a lot of crime. >> reporter: alex saliascas is a company manager for logitech. they're aggressively marketing their camera system at dozens of meetings with east bay homeowner associations. >> this is a win-win. not only do we equip communities with cameras to protect them against crime but this is also a sales opportunity for us but also a project manager myself it's just a, it's a free focus group. the oakland police department likes them but with a qualification. >> we feel surveillance cameras are a good tool to an extra layer of protection for your home. but the foundation of security
5:47 pm
is knowing your neighbors. >> brenda ivy is a neighborhood watch coordinator. >> when they break in they're in within 10 minutes it's important that you know how to keep your doors locked, windows locked. >> reporter: according to statistics provided by the oakland police department, residential burglaries have been steadily increasing for the past five years. there's already been 3,000 reported so far this year and if it keeps at that poeus it's going -- keeps at that pace it's going to set another record. trees are falling to make way for a space shuttle. they are creating a path way for the retired space shuttle endevour. about 400 trees are slated to be removed. the science center has promised to plant two trees for every one that's taken out. the department of transportation is delaying stricter rules for airlines
5:48 pm
transporting cats and dogs. the new regulations would require airlines to report the deaths, injuries and losses of all dogs and cats. officials have agreed to extend the deadline for a month. airlines also say they need more time to determine how rules will affect cost. over the weekend wildlife rescue experts released the rodent back into the wild. it stowed away in a construction truck. after a short stint at a wild care center, the varmit is back home just in time for hibernating system. chief meteorologist bill martin is joining us now.
5:49 pm
we're waiting for a bigger change to come. >> it's not a sure thing it's going to happen. it's not a sure thing but you have to really watch it. temperatures dill kaod today. we saw lots of cooling especially inland. some areas not so much. you may not have noticed or you may have noticed it but the fog out there right now. you can see it out in the avenues it's going to be back tomorrow morning. the forecast for tomorrow, not much changed. very similar to what we had today. so what we're looking at are the fire zones of north carolina. i don't have an exact cord in -- the áf. the thing to note is you don't have a lot of wind, that's good. it's not horribly horribly hot. obviously remote terrain. the humidities aren't that low. i mean they're not high but they're not down in the single digits. we're watching these for you. the áf tomorrow then tomorrow
5:50 pm
is a lot like today. this week we continue forward with some clouds and my main concern is tropical moisture that works its way into the forecast. how does it work its way in? from the south, tropical depression john is flowing moisture north. if it gets caught in the flow it could bring some thundershowers and now we're going to see clouds starting to increase tomorrow. those clouds could contain some showers. right now the computer model and you will see it. here's the moisture, watch what happens. the model pulls everything north and you see a little bit of shower activity. this is a muggy day tomorrow. right now the models aren't too bullish on any type of rain. forecast highs tomorrow, 86 in san helena, we'll watch the latest model runs as they come up because models run every four hours and we will keep an eye on what could happen. a lot of moisture headed your way so tomorrow is going to
5:51 pm
feel kind of like one of those warm muggy san diego days. so is thursday. it's going to be a lot of humidity in the atmosphere. forecast in the five day. represents that slightly cooler tomorrow not much change. clouds and humid on thursday. the bay area weekend warms up just a little bit. tropical moisture will keep an eye on that. right now the models say don't worry about thunderstorms. doesn't look like it's going to happen but it could. we're watching showers east of clear lake that's a developing story. >> we'll see you at 6:00. a new weapon is being used on the war on texting while driving. the hip tv show that shows the deadly practice and how this scene is being used to try to keep teens from texting. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
5:52 pm
as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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5:54 pm
a new study suggests that some people are addicted to internet like some are to cigarettes. the addicts say they constantly think about the internet and feel compromised when they don't log on. most of them had the same gene mutation as smokers. five second is the average time your eyes are off the road
5:55 pm
while texting while driving. fans of the show glee will send a character sending a text then being broadsided by a truck. the scene is now part of a service campaign to get young people to stop sending and reading texts while behind the wheel. recent numbers show 12% of driving admit to texting and driving. salsalito police arrested a man for stealing a boat. they said the boat's owner reported the theft of a a zodiac zoom with 15 horsepower. the suspect was identified as david moses. police spotted moses but he sped off. police later found him and arrested him. opponents of san francisco proposition f sued over the order and wording of the ballot question and argued that it was
5:56 pm
misleading and prejudicial. a traffic stop ends in a suspect's death and a chp officer in life support. we've been live on this since 8:30 this morning coming up in 10 minutes, the careful investigation still going on right now and the one piece of evidence investigators already have. some taxi companies are seeing red over pink mustaches, what this could mean for the future of san francisco transit. cçrrú
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
heart wrenching, it's devastating. a chp officer is gunned down alongside a freeway in the east bay. it's a story we have been updating all day. and tonight the key piece of evidence that could help investigators determine how a routine traffic stop went so wrong. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. at this hour a suspect is dead and a chp officer stationed out of martinez remains in critical condition at john mere medical center in walnut creek. we have live team coverage tonight in contra costa county.
5:59 pm
we begin with ktvu's eric rasmussen with the careful investigation going on at this hour, eric. >> reporter: this afternoon investigators confirm there is in fact, dash cam video of this shooting. i'm going to step out of the way to show you that just the process of getting back on to interstate 680 is a slow one for drivers here at rugeer road. and the difficult task of finding out why this shooting happened is just beginning. a shoot out in contra costa county turned this normally busy stretch of highway into a scene. >> the first officer did make contact with that driver. and shortly thereafter the driver pulled out a gun and shot at that officer and then the second officer discharged his weapon. >> reporter: the chp says first word of the shooting came through a 911 call from
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